Power Charge

Automatic Recharge Software – “POWER CHARGE”

Prepaid Recharge Web Application by PayPal India is known as POWER CHARGE. Power charge is a Multi Recharge web based Software. It has given a hassle free total solution to our recharging customers.

Power charge Introduction:
Power charge is independent software for Distributor and Retailer Network management. The beauty of the service is that a recharge agent can recharge any mobile, DTH Subscription and other services from a single mobile with a single SIM and get instant feedback. This automatic Mobile recharge web based application provides complete account ing solution and business management for a Mobile recharge business, resource required for one sim all mobile recharge business. Consider that you are interested in recharge business and want to establish a recharge company then you must have to incur the following expenditure

  • Dedicated high cost servers.
  • 24/7 electricity backup availability.
  • Software maintenance.
  • Hardware maintenance.
  • Technical Employee.
  • High speed internet leased lines.
  • And the list is endless…

So it’s very hectic to manage such things in the initial stage for starting a company. PayPal India will give you a technology freedom so there is no need to invest bulk money on such resources, don’t worry about such consideration all things are managed by us and you are ready to take advantage of our software .Just become our distributor and we will give you 24/7 hrs,Active service as well as support for developing your business. To process an online mobile recharge business, Quality of service is main priority and resources backup gives you freedom to choose. Our Power charge software understands your needs and gives you full control on Mobile Recharge Business.